一、英译汉 Office Automation 办公自动化 what is Office Automation? 办公自动化是什么? Quite simply, Office Automation is the customization of your current computer applications t o make your everyday office tasks more easy, faster and consistent across your organisation. 十分简单,办公自动化就是指通过定制计算机应用使你每天的办公任务更加的轻松,更快并且便于你的组 织的工作。 These applications may be your word processing, spreadsheets, email, or presentation. 这些应用可能是字符处理,电子表格,电子邮件,或是简介。 For word processing this could apply to simple items such as letterheads, faxes, memos, or q uite complex including customer documentation, technical documentation, annual reports or cu stomising contracts. 对于字处理,它是一种简单的应用,例如信件,传真,备忘录,或是十分复杂的客户档案,科研档案,年 度报告亦或是定制通讯录。 For spreadsheets this could apply to monthly budgets, management accounts, sales reps expens es, or engineering calculations. 对于电子表它可能应用于月度财政预算,账户管理,薪金支出,工程计算。 For email this could apply to simple organisational memos, logging of system faults, or exte nsive customer complaint management. 而伊妹儿则可能应用于简单的机构备忘,系统错误日志或是广泛的客户投诉管理。 For presentation this could apply to customer presentations, or reporting of the days events . 对于简历则是用于保存客户的个人资料,或是日志报告。

Take your current system of letters, faxes and memos. Using a simple screen interface we can provide you entire organisation with fast and consistent letters, faxes and memos. This sys tem can be integrated into your word processor so it is available at the press of a button. Your output will be consistent across your organisation! We can even direct different pages or documents to different printers. 展示你的系统信息,传真或是存储器。用一个输出接口就可以显示整个组织信息,传真,内存。这个系统 可能融入到你日常的字处理以致于让你的操作有效。你的输出设备将要显示你的组织构成!我们甚至可以 让不同的打字员打印不同的页面和文档。 Why Use Office Automation? 为什么要应用办公自动化? Office Automation can improve both the speed at which your staff can prepare documentation, and more importantly will ensure that it is completed in a consistent manner. 办公自动化可以提高你的员工准备文档的速度,更重要的是它能保证工作的一致性。 In other words you decide how you would like your documents to look, to be structured, what data should be contained, and not only will your documents look that way, but also they will be completed more quickly. This will also allow for new staff to be inducted more effective ly and faster. 换言之,你你决定怎样去展示你的文档,怎样去构思,应该包含什么内容,它不仅仅以这种方式去展示, 并且能使它可有效率。这也使得新的员工能更有效更快的投入到工作中来。 Development Cycle

For every Office Automation project we aim to assess the unique requirements of your organis ation and provide you with a tailored solution to meet your needs. We do this by designing a suitable software development cycle, that will meet the size and complexity requirements of your project. This design will usually be contained in the proposal for your project. The d evelopment cycle will outline the project flow of the development. 对于办公自动化的可持续发展是我们评估你们组织的必要条件以及提供针对性的解决方式去适应你们的需 要。我们这样做是为了设计一款更加合适可更新的软件,以致于它能更好的适应你的项目要求。这个设计 将长期包含在你项目的意见中。 使那发展链可持续的发展。 Development Environments 发展环境 We are currently offering Office Automation development using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Wor d, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, plus other VBA compliant appli cations. 我们通常是用 Microsoft Excel,word,outlook,powerpint,access,和其它的 vba 应用插件等软件来发展 办公自动化。 Office Automation With WordPerfect for Windows 用 wordperfect for windows 软件进行办公。 Office Automation - Why Do It? 办公自动化-为什么要用它呢 Computers help you save time and effort, right? Well, don’t they? If your office tools don’ t seem to be helping as much as you wish they did, is it because they don’ t seem to do just the job you want in just the way you want or need them to do? Or is it bec ause it seems to take too much time to learn how to use the tools to do the job easier? Perh aps its time to dig a little deeper into the tools you use to find ways of making them do mo re of your specific kind of work with less effort and less time on your part. Sure, it takes a little more effort to put the tools together in the first place, but in an office where m any people can benefit from the work of one or two, it can be advantageous in the long run. 计算机有助于你节省时间和效率,是不?难道不是吗?如果你的办公工具没有你希望的那么有助,是因为 它们没有按照你想要的方式或你想要的它们去做的工作吗?或者是因为它需要你花很多时间去学习怎么使 用这个工具以致使你的工作变得更加轻松?也许你为了让你的专业性的工作对你影响更少或更少的时间而 去挖掘这些工具的一点点功能所花费的时间。首先,确定使用这些工具能带来一点效率,但在一个任何人 可能从一次或二次工作中获益的办公室内,它能有利于同事们长期相处。


桌面图案 在 Microsoft Windows 98 的图形用户界面中,一种显示在桌面上称为壁纸(Wallpaper )的图形图案(窗口、 图标和对话框后面的背景),屏幕背景可由用户选择图案样式或画面。 要改变桌面图案时,从控制面板上选择 显示方式。

Desktop Pattern In the graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows 98,a graphical pattern-called wallpaper-displayed on the desktop (the background "beneath" windows, icons, and dialog boxes). The pattern or picture in the screen background that can be chosen by the user. To change the desktop pattern, choose Display from the Control Panel.

包因特网查询工具(PING) 用于通过发送一个 Internet 控制消息协议(ICMP)回送请求并等待应答来测试一个特定网络目的地是否联机 的一种程序。也称作包因特网 gopher 工具。 Packet Internet Groper (PING) A program used to test whether a particular network destination is online ,by sending an Internet control message protocol (ICMP) echo request and waiting for a response .(Also called packet internet gopher).

层叠样式表(CSS) 专门为 Web 网页设计者和用户开发的一种样式表机制。 样式表描述了文件怎样显示在屏幕上,怎样被打印出 来,甚至怎样用语言说出来。 样式表允许用户通过仅更改一个文件来改变数百个 Web 页的外观。 一个样式表 由许多告诉浏览器怎样表示一个文件的规则组成。可以为一个元素确定许多特性;每个特性给出一个值。

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) A style sheet mechanism that has been specifically developed for Web page designers and users .Style sheets describe how documents are presented on screens ,in print ,and even in spoken voice. Style sheets allow the user to change the appearance of hundreds of Web pages by changing just one file .A style sheet is made up of rules that tell a browser how to present a document .Numerous properties may be defined for an element ;each property is given a value. 动态 HTML 文件 (DHTML) 含有动态内容的 HTML 文档;DHTML 页面的三个组成部分为 HTML、JavaScript 和层叠样式表。这三个部 分与 DOM(文档对象模型)联结在一起。 Dynamic HTML (DHTML) HTML documents with dynamic content ;the three components of DHTML pages are HTML ,JavaScript ,and cascading style sheets .The three components are tied together with DOM ,the Document Object Model.

Gopher 工具 明尼苏达大学的一个文档检索系统。通过 Gopher 工具软件,用户可通过浏览分级菜单查找具体主题而从许 多不同的计算机中访问文件。 文档可以是文本、 声音、 图像或其它类型文件。 可用一种称为 Jughead (Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation and Display 的缩写)的程序来检索在 Gopher 文件内发现的主题。现在 Gopher 网址可通过 WWW 访问。 Gopher A document retrieval system from the University of Minnesota .Through Gopher ,a user can access files from many different computers by looking through hierarchical menus to find specific topics .A document may be a text ,sound ,image ,or other type file .A program called Jughead can be used to search for topics found within Gopher files .Gopher sites can now be accessed through the World Wide Web.


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