高考英语一轮复习方案 作业手册(26) Unit 1 Art(含解析) 新人教版选修6


[选修 6

Unit 1 Art]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—I'm going to Paris next week. —What a(n) ________. So am I. A. pity B. coincidence C. accident D. chance 2 .— Mr. Anderson is popular with his students, for he is kind, strict and knowledgeable. —No wonder he has such a good ________. A.expectation B.contribution C.reputation D.regulation 3 . Each of us is likely to develop a personal ________ for certain types of entertainment. A. comparison B. possession C. preference D. advantage 4.One of the collectors collected some seeds from a tree that had ________ him. A. interest in B. appealed to C. been attracted D. paid attention of 5.—Have you heard that George quit his job? —Yeah, but I can't ________why he did so. A. put out B.figure out C. carry out D. send out 6. The young man, ________ several attempts to beat the world record in high jumping, decided to have another try. A. to make B. making C. made D. having made 7.Samuel can't help having a big nose—it is ________ of him to be curious about others' affairs. A.typical B.constant C.considerate D.unique 8.The young man is being questioned by the police in relation to the ________ murder last night. A.advised B.attended C.admitted D.attempted 9.I'd like to start my own business—that's________I'd do if I had the money. A.why B.when C.which D.what 10 . Taobao.com has begun selling tickets online for international flights,


________ to cut the market share of Ctrip.com and other competitors. A. aiming B. having aimed C. to aim D. being aimed 11.Maybe if I________science,and not literature then,I would be able to give you more help. A.studied B.would study C.had studied D.was studying 12.I am sure that the girl you are going to meet is more beautiful ________than in her picture. A.in nature B.in movement C.in the flesh D.in the mood 13.All her energies are ________ upon her children and she seems to have little time for anything else. A. aimed B. concentrated C. guided D. directed 14.If human beings had been a bit less greedy and cruel, more birds and animals ________ dying out. A. ought to avoid B. could have been avoided C. should have avoided D. might have avoided 15.I desire to make friends with him, but________ I am worried that I can't get along well with him. A. on the whole B. on the other hand C. as a matter of fact D. first of all Ⅱ.完形填空 Peter Brown,aged 41,is the manager of a club from Dover Heights.This Saturday he will lead a team of 5 members in an attempt to__16__the Simpson Desert on foot in 12 days.Only one team member has ever walked through the centre of the desert without any__17__,and it took him 17 days to complete the__18__. Travelling 400 km and climbing more than 1,000 sand hills,each member will pull their__19__in a cart(车) weighing over 140 kg.They'll need to walk from before sunrise until after sunset to__20__the 33 km a day target.And the__21__will vary from 25℃ in the day to__22__zero at night. Peter has led his club members on__23__challenges before but he said this was the most ambitious__24__. “We did the Kokoda Trail in just over 4 days last year and the year before,__25__money for World Vision,”he said.“It's__26__to see just how strong and how__27__focused people can be when they need to be.” “We've taken on something much larger than we__28__,”he said.“We're fit, we train hard, but we're only training about 2 hours at a time; we're not used to__29__12 to 15 hours a day.” Team member Geoff Robinson had never exercised__30__joining the club 9 months ago. “This is going to be huge for him.Geoff__31__run 100 m when he started and he has__32__20 kg ever since then.” The team is __33__ for the charity(慈善机构) Save the Children,and has already


collected $11,000.The team has chosen the charity because of the __34__ it runs for remote Australia.“We really want to make sure we're giving __35__ meaningful back to this country.” Peter was proud. 16.A.enter B.flee C.cross D.search 17.A.courage B.support C.water D.food 18.A.journey B.vacation C.cause D.competition 19.A.supplies B.contents C.collections D.documents 20.A.make out B.figure out C.keep up D.bring up 21.A.land B.desert C.weather D.temperature 22.A.beyond B.over C.below D.above 23.A.new B.mild C.little D.similar 24.A.on average B.at least C.by far D.in particular 25.A.raising B.paying C.saving D.making 26.A.strange B.interesting C.natural D.necessary 27.A.personally B.generally C.readily D.mentally 28.A.explored B.sought C.contributed D.realized 29.A.pushing B.walking C.testing D.sleeping 30.A.before B.after C.until D.since 31.A.mustn't B.couldn't C.shouldn't D.wouldn't 32.A.lost B.added C.taken D.carried 33.A.waiting B.working C.applying D.paying 34.A.plays B.engines C.experiments D.programmes 35.A.anything B.everything C.something D.nothing Ⅲ.阅读理解 Global emissions(排放) of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning jumped by the largest amount on record in 2010. Emissions rose 5.9 percent in 2010, according to an analysis released on Sunday by the Global Carbon Project. Scientists said the increase was almost certainly the largest absolute jump in any year since the Industrial Revolution. The increase solidified a trend of ever?rising emissions that will make it difficult, if not impossible, to stop severe climate change in coming decades. The burning of coal represented more than half of the growth in emissions, the analysis found. In the United States, emissions dropped by a remarkable 7 percent


in the year of 2009, but rose by over 4 percent in 2010, the new analysis shows. “Each year, emissions go up, and there's another year of negotiations, another year of indecision, ” said Glen P. Peters, a researcher at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research. “There's no evidence that this path we've been following in the last 10 years is going to change.” Scientists say the rapid growth of emissions is warming the Earth and putting human welfare at long?term risk. But their increasingly urgent pleas that society find a way to limit emissions have met sharp political resistance in many countries because doing so would involve higher energy costs. The new figures show a continuation of a trend in which developing countries have surpassed(超过) the wealthy countries in their overall greenhouse emissions. In 2010, the burning of fossil fuels and the production of cement(水泥) sent more than nine billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, the new analysis found, with 57 percent of that coming from developing countries. On the surface, the figures of recent years suggest that wealthy countries have made headway in stabilizing their emissions. But Dr. Peters pointed out that, in a sense, the rich countries have simply exported some of them. The fast rise in developing countries has been caused to a large extent by the growth of energy ? intensive manufacturing industries that make goods that rich countries import. “All that has changed is the location in which the emissions are being produced,” Dr. Peters said. Many countries, as part of their response to the economic crisis, invested billions in programs designed to make their energy systems greener. While it is possible, the new numbers suggest they have had little effect so far. 36.Many governments in the world resist limiting emissions because ________. A.it is not the best way to solve such problems B.they don't realize the risks of carbon emissions C.it would probably harm human welfare in the long run D.they are unwilling to accept higher energy costs 37.According to Glen P. Peters, we can learn that ________. A.the rapid growth of emissions contributes to potential risks for humans B.rich countries actually take more responsibility for the growth of emissions C.human beings will follow the same path of negotiations in the next 10 years D . some countries negotiate together yearly whether to reduce the amounts of emissions 38.Which of the following is TRUE according to the text? A.Emissions in the United States dropped by about 7 percent in 2010. B.Developing countries will produce less emissions with economic development. C . There is a long way to go for many countries to limit the fast growth of emissions. D.Over 50 percent of the growth in emissions resulted from the burning of fossil fuels. 39.The text mainly talks about ________. A.an analysis released by the Global Carbon Project


B.the record jump in carbon dioxide emissions C.the possible climate change in future decades D.the main harm of greenhouse gases Ⅳ.短文填词 Fang Tong is 34 years old, an actor, director and teacher of Beijing Opera Theatre. Most of his students are 40.________ other parts of China and have come to Beijing at the very young 41.________ of sixteen or seventeen. He hopes to 42.________ (创 造) an environment for his students that is much more relaxing 43.________ the one he used to study in. He thinks that an actor should relax 44.h________ when performing. Yet his students deeply 45.________ (尊重)him and he never needs to raise his voice in order to be 46.h________. In his 47.o________, actors should go on even when they feel they have made a 48.m________ in their performances because the moment is 49.a________ gone and people can never be back to it. So art is always changing and developing. 参考答案 课时作业(二十六) Ⅰ.1.B 考查名词词义辨析。pity 遗憾;coincidence 巧合;accident 意外事故;chance 机会。句意:——下周我要去巴黎。——多巧啊。我也要去。 2.C 考查名词词义辨析。第一个人所说的“和蔼、要求严格、知识渊博而深受学生欢 迎”应该是声望高的原因,因此选 C,意思是“声望,名望”。expectation 期待,期望; contribution 贡献;regulation 规则。 3 . C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:我们每个人都有可能养成对某些娱乐活动的偏爱。 preference 意为“偏爱,爱好”。符合语境。 4.B 考查动词短语的用法。此处 appeal to 意为“吸引”。句意:一位收集者收集到 了吸引他的一棵树的一些种子。 5.B 考查动词短语辨析。put out 伸出,生产;figure out 弄明白;carry out 贯彻, 执行;send out 发出,长出。答语句意:但我琢磨不透他为什么要辞掉工作。 6.D 考查分词的用法。此处根据句意可知,那个年轻人尝试过几次,故用分词的完成 式;又因和主语之间是主谓关系,所以用现在分词。 7.A 考查形容词辨析。It is typical of sb to do sth 做某事是某人的风格。句意: Samuel 总是爱管闲事——对别人的事情好奇是他的风格。 8.D the attempted murder 意为“谋杀未遂”。 9.D 考查名词性从句。由语境可知,如果“我”有钱,我想做的事情就是开始自己的 事业。分析题干可知,is 后缺表语,I'd do 中缺宾语,而 what 可以引导名词性从句,此处 也相当于 the thing that,故 D 项正确。 10.A 考查非谓语动词。Taobao.com 与 aim 之间是主谓关系,所以用 aiming 作状语。 11.C 考查虚拟语气。主句是与现在事实相反的虚拟,根据 if 从句中的时间状语 then 可知,从句是与过去事实相反的虚拟,所以用过去完成时的虚拟。故选 C 项。 12.C 考查介词短语辨析。in the flesh 为固定短语,意为“亲自;本人”。句意:我 确定你要去见的女孩本人比照片更美。 13.B 考查动词辨析。concentrate energies upon sth.表示“把精力集中在某事上”, 此处用被动。aim 要与 at 搭配;direct 要与 to 搭配,表示“把精力集中在……上”。 14.D 考查虚拟语气。句意:如果人类少点贪婪少点残忍,更多的鸟类和兽类就有可能


免于灭绝。 这里考查的是对过去情况的虚拟语气, 从句用 had done, 主句用 would/could/might have done。注意 avoid 意为“避免”后接 doing 时没有被动语态。 15.B 考查短语辨析。句意:我很想和他交朋友,但另一方面我也担心不能和他好好相 处。on the whole 意为“总体而言;总的说来”;as a matter of fact 意为“另一方面; 事实上;其实”。first of all 意为“首先”。根据句意, 只有 B 项符合题意。 Ⅱ.俱乐部经理 Peter Brown 将和他的队友们在 12 天之内步行穿越辛普森沙漠,同时他 们也会做一件有意义的事情:为慈善机构筹集资金。 16.C 考查动词辨析。Peter Brown 将率队友试图在 12 天内步行穿越辛普森沙漠。enter 表示“进入”; flee 表示“逃走, 逃离”; cross 表示“穿过”; search 表示“搜查, 搜身”。 根据语境及四个选项的含义可知,空格处应该使用“cross”。 17.B 句意:只有一个队友曾经徒步穿越沙漠,没有借助任何支持。support 意为“支 持”,符合语境。 18. A 这名队员用了 17 天完成了穿越沙漠的旅程。 journey 表示“旅行, 旅程”; vacation 表示“假期,休假”;cause 表示“起因,缘故”;competition 表示“比赛,竞赛”。根据 语境可知,A 项正确。 19. A 每个队员拉着装载生活用品的小车。 四个选项均为名词, supply 表示“生活用品, 供给品” ;content 表示“内容,目录”;collection 表示“收藏品,收集物”;document 表 示“公文,文件”。根据语境可知,空格处应该使用“supplies”。 20. C 为了保持每天行走 33 公里的目标, 他们需要日出前出发, 一直走到日落。 make out 表示“辨认出,理解”;figure out 表示“领会到,理解”;keep up 表示“保持,继续”; bring up 表示“抚养,教育,培养”。根据语境可知,keep up 为最佳答案。 21.D 根据下文中的“25℃”可知,空格处应该使用“temperature”,其他选项明显 与语境不符。 22.C 根据语境及常识可知,在沙漠地带,昼夜温差是比较大的,因此,此处应该指的 是夜晚的温度在零度以下。 23.D Peter 以前曾经带领俱乐部成员进行过类似的挑战。根据语境可知,空格处应该 使用“similar”。 24.C on average 表示“平均”;at least 表示“至少”;by far 表示“到目前为止”; in particular 表示“特别,尤其”。在四个选项中,只有 by far 可以用来修饰形容词最高 级 the most ambitious,由此可知,答案选 C。 25.A 根据语境可知,此处指的是为 World Vision 筹集资金。raising 有“筹集”之意, 符合语境,其他选项与文意不符。 26.B 句意:观看人们在必要的情况下所表现出的坚强和全神贯注是有趣的。在四个选 项中,B 项符合语境。 27.D personally 表示“亲自地,就自己而言”;generally 表示“一般地,通常”; readily 表示“乐意地,立即”;mentally 表示“心理上,精神上”。根据语境可知,空格 处应该使用 mentally,表示“精神上集中”。 28.D explore 表示“探险,探测”;seek 表示“寻找,寻求”;contribute 表示“贡 献出,捐献”;realize 表示“领会,了解,认识到”。Peter 认为他们的表现超出了自己的 想象,在四个选项中,realized 符合语境。 29.B 根据下文可知,他们是步行穿越沙漠的,空格处应该使用“walking”。 30.A 由语境可知,队员 Geoff Robinson 在加入俱乐部前从未进行过训练,由此可知, “before”符合语境。 31.B 根据上文“This is going to be huge for him.”可知,这对于 Geoff 来说是


一个非常大的挑战,起初他跑不了 100 米。在四个选项中,couldn't 符合语境。 32.A 由于运动量比较大,因此 Geoff 的体重下降了,lost 符合语境。 33.B 根据下文“…has already collected $11,000.”及语境可知,此处指的是为 慈善机构工作。 34.D 句意:这个队之所以为该慈善组织工作是因为该项目是针对澳大利亚偏远地区设 立的。programmes“项目”符合语境。 35.C Peter 想和队友们一起把有意义的东西奉献给这个国家。根据语境可知,空格处 应该使用 something。 Ⅲ.根据一项报道,二氧化碳的排放在 2010 年又有所增加,文章从发达国家以及发展中 国家的角度分析了原因。 36.D 细节理解题。根据第五段最后一句“…because doing so would involve higher energy costs.”可知。 37.B 推理判断题。根据倒数第三段最后一句“But Dr. Peters pointed out that, in a sense, the rich countries have simply exported some of them.”可知。 38.C 推理判断题。根据文章内容可知,限制污染排放遇到了很多困难,要想取得效果 还有很长的路要走。 39.B 主旨大意题。根据文章第一段可知文章讨论的是二氧化碳排放增加的原因。 Ⅳ.40.from 41.age 42.create 43.than 44.himself 45.respect 46.heard 47.opinion 48.mistake 49.already



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